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Looking for Leaders in Cultural Heritage Law

Catherine Bell and Robert Paterson led the way in deepening our understanding of the importance of international and domestic legal protections for cultural heritage. Professor Paterson has retired from ILA Canada, after serving for many years on the ILA Cultural Heritage Committee. We are now looking for a doctoral student and\or international lawyer with expertise on cultural issues, including traditional knowledge and cultural expression, to replace him on the Committee.  Professor Paterson has generously offered to mentor his replacement on the Committee.


We are looking for Canadian, First Nations, Inuit, or Metis representatives for the ILA Committee on Safeguarding Cultural Property in Armed Conflict. This Committee aims to conduct a gap analysis of the international legal regime addressing the safeguarding of cultural heritage from the effects of armed conflicts and identify good practices stemming from past efforts to redress the harm caused to cultural heritage.


Please contact for more information. Your letter of interest and commitment and your curriculum vitae will be circulated to the ILA Canada board for review and recommendation to ILA Headquarters and the Committee co-chairs.

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